Designing Supported Training Programmes

Get Fit 4 Life can be the trainer that you need, whether that is the military sergeant pushing you beyond your preconceived limits or the analytical trainer that helps you to find your own way. Many of our clients have limited time and resources, not everybody can manage a daily two hour trip to the gym with a personal trainer in tow. Few can afford to have a personal trainer with them for every minute of every exercise and we would question our own abilities if a client didn’t grow in confidence and independence over a training programme.

Get Fit 4 Life can design an exercise regime that fits in to your life. We prefer to work with you to design a programme with elements that you can complete on your won time. Depending on your fitness goals, we use combinations of:

FREE WEIGHTS – e.g. Dumbbells, Olympic Bars & Kettle Bells

Using Free Weights places an emphasis on technique, correct posture and method is far more important than the amount of weight being lifted. Free Weights provide a greater range of motion and are far more suitable for compound exercises – i.e. where more than one muscle group can be worked. Often the side benefit to using Free Weights is the necessity to work ‘synergist’ muscles – e.g. while a ‘Deadlift’ primarily works the leg muscles it is essential to engage the core muscles to provide stability and protect the spine.

FIXED WEIGHTS – e.g. Cable Machines

Cable Machines are great for beginners and for bodysculpting/toning. They can generally be used safely without a training partner. They have a fixed range of motion that allows the user to isolate and target specific muscles or groups. Ideal for solo workouts.

HOME BASED EQUIPMENT – e.g. Steps & Resistance Bands

Resistance bands operate on a similar principle to cable machines. They too can be a handy tool, particularly for endurance and flexibility and Motor Skill work. They have the further benefits of being affordable and portable. Steps are great for CV work.

BODY WEIGHT – e.g. Press Ups, Burpees, Pull Ups & Air Squats

Body Weight exercises are FREE and furthermore you always have your own equipment with you! They are only limited to your weight, i.e. you can’t lift more than your own weight.

YOUR LIFE – e.g. School run, commute to work & housework

Exercise is really just pre-planned. Physical Activity, which is any body movement that requires higher energy expenditure than would be used at resting levels. Get Fit 4 Life will help you to multi-task by incorporating your daily activities into your exercise regime.

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