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Many people would describe a diet as a period of sustained self-depravation in order to achieve a sudden weight loss. The problem with this type of diet is that any weight loss achieved is usually temporary – as soon as the fad diet is abandoned the weight will return with previous habits.

According to The Oxford Dictionary, a diet should be defined as ‘the kinds of food that a person or animal habitually eats’. Get Fit 4 Life will help you to appreciate the significance of your food choices and guide you on the path to long term, sustainable change. You can still enjoy tasty meals that form part of a healthy, balanced diet. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be about punishment and hard work, so forget about the yo-yo diets and contact us.

To find out how GetFit4Life can help you jut fill in our quick contact form to arrange a free, personal consultation without any further obligation.

Get Fit 4 Life can help you to understand how to refine and achieve your daily targets with food diary’s and planners. We offer some of these services completely free of charge.


  • One Rep maximum Predictor
  • Maximal Heart Rate Calculator
  • Personal Calorie Tracker
  • Weekly Food Planner
  • Macronutrient Breakdown
BMI Category  
<18.5 Underweight  
18.5 – 25 Normal  
25 – 30 Overweight  
>30 Obese  
>40 Morbidly Obese  


Important Information for entering data
Height – 165cm should be entered as 1.65
Weight – 75 1/2 kg should be entered as 75.5
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