Physical Fitness

The Human Body is a living organism of incredible complexity and we still have much to learn about how it works. It might be easier to picture the human body as a machine or a vehicle like a car. If it is treated well, if we respond to the warning lights by making timely repairs and ensure it is well maintained, it will perform better and it will hold its value for longer!

What is Physical Fitness? At Get Fit 4 Life we espouse a comprehensive view of physical fitness. We understand that every second of every day, whether we are awake or asleep, our bodies are working to achieve balance or homeostasis. For example, when we are too hot we produce sweat to cool down, too cold and we shiver to generate heat. Our personal trainers are experts in total physical fitness and can design exercise and nutritional programmes to improve all key areas of your physical health. Our comprehensive physiological knowledge enables us to target training to optimise key body systems – we do the science while you reap the health benefits. Or if you want to take more ownership of your fitness we can help you to understand how exercise and diet affect the body including the Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine, Nervous and Energy systems.

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What are the types of exercise and what do they affect?

Each form of exercise will usually have an effect on a number of areas of fitness. In general, Health Related Physical Fitness comprises:

Total Fitness

Cardiovascular (CV) fitness refers to the strength and efficiency of the heart, lungs and circulatory systems. Their main role is to transport energy and Oxygen (O2) to the muscles while removing waste materials such as lactate and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). All forms of exercise will induce an upturn in the amount of work that the CV system will have to carry out, although steady and long duration aerobic exercise will have the most direct impact on CV fitness(e.g. jogging, cycling, swimming etc.). As we increase workload the body is forced to adapt by improving CV efficiency, capacity and endurance.

Muscular Strength & Endurance is a measure of how much work a muscle can do and for how long it can carry out that work. While Aerobic exercise will have a great impact on muscle endurance, muscular strength is best developed be resistance training programmes – where the muscle generates force by pushing, pulling or lifting against gravity, weights, cables or bands. Get Fit 4 Life advocate using a variety of resistance exercises for maximum effect and also to avoid boring routines.

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Flexibility can be thought of as a measure of posture, general mobility and range of motion. We generally notice our loss of flexibility when we carry out day to day tasks, such as bending to pick something up from the floor or even putting on socks. As we age we lose flexibility in a number of areas, but particularly around the joints. The ligaments and tendons lose elasticity while cartilage becomes less spongey and is no longer as effective as a lubricant or shock absorber. But when we exercise, and more specifically, when we stretch we can improve our flexibility and range of motion.

Motor skills relate to balance, co-ordination, speed and reflexes. As with all other aspects of our ageing, a sedentary lifestyle greatly exacerbates the rate at which we lose Motor Skills as we become older. Most trips and falls that result in fractured hips in older adults most often occur due to a combination of two things – 1) simple loss of balance and 2) Lost Mineral Bone Density. It is disheartening to know that so many people lose the independence and long term health when the causes are so avoidable – once you know how to target each area and achieve Total Physical Fitness. Get Fit 4 Life can teach you how to set fitness targets and then achieve your goals on route to a long, healthy and independent life.

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